Roman Blinds

Roman blinds offer a beautiful alternative to drapes. Great for a space issue with curtains stacking on to walls, or you might like to open up a room and make it appear larger by having the blinds fold to the top of the window, to gain maximum window opening and light.
Custom Romans can be made with most fabrics available, which is great if you would like to mix and match Romans with drapes. They can be made in the same fabric to make a room flow.
You can add a swag base to the bottom for a formal look, or even a cord trim to the base for a personal touch.
Roman blinds also look great with or without a co-ordinating pelmet.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are made from the same fabrics as Roller Blinds. They have aluminium back battens for strength and durability.
Both style blinds are available with cords, chain winders or remote control options.

Roller Blinds (Hollands)

They come in a great range of colours and textures. Perfect for everyday use. They can streamline a contemporary home or add simplicity to an overcrowded room.
The ease of operation makes them a winner for children’s rooms and for the elderly.
They come chain operated, either plastic or metal with spring pull blinds still an option if you are trying to match existing blinds in your home.
They are great heat blockers especially if teamed with privacy screen blinds as well.
Bonded pelmets in matching or co-ordinate fabrics add a nice touch if you prefer not to see the roller at the top.